At Claytan® we offer true customization in every sense of the word. We are one of the market leader in ceramic industry, with the innovation and technical knowledges all under one roof. With in-house designers and R&D team, we equipped ourselves with no limits, and we have evolved from being a ceramic manufacturer to becoming an inspirational lifestyle ceramic brand. We are able to consistently produce high quality tableware, food ware, drinkware, artware, bathroom accessories and personal healthcare products with an impeccable finishing. Our quality combined with our passion and expertise, enables us to provide a wide range of integrated ceramic solutions which allow our customers the freedom to be creative.


Claytan® offers a wide selection of high-quality fusion serving ware. We understand and listen to Food and Beverage needs and wants around the world over the time. Our range is especially suitable for the fusion restaurants and cafes, hotels, hospital (healthcare) segment including household.

More than 100 years of experience on stoneware development, Claytan® makes use of the advantages of stoneware materials to maximize the durability for versatile with our product.

Using high-quality glaze that is imported from Europe and Japan, Claytan® ensures the esthetics of the color ware yet concerned with everyone health with Lead & Cadmium safe products..

Fired with 1,150 ̊c in production stage, Claytan®’s tableware are Freezer, Microwave and even Oven Safe which meet the world standard and regulations.

A wide range of 2,500 items and 150 collections available for customer to choose. Customization design is available upon request.


Made with ceramic body, Ceralock is Lead Safe, Freezer Safe, Microwave Safe and Oven Safe, therefore user are free to pack the food, warm the food with single container.. Furthermore, integrated with Antibacterial Nano technology and the anti- moss technology, Ceralock is the safest way for storing food freshness.

Nano technology release the negative ions, keep the food freshness for longer period and prevent the bacteria growth at the same time.


With the caring of our mother earth and society, Claytan® also created multiple drinkware such Sunray Bottle, water dispenser and other to ensure every drops of the water you drink is safe & taste better. Eco-friendly brings healthier living yet reduce the harm of toxins and plastic.

Made with the most inert material, Claytan®’s ceramic drinkware eliminates toxins release even filing up with boiling water, irritative beverages like lemon juice or keeping inside the vehicle under the hot weather.

Designed with the smoothest glaze surface technology, Claytan®’s ceramic beverage containers are easy to clean even without detergent, assuring ladies on hassle free hand skin while washing with dish detergent.


Cohesive with Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) knowledge and philosophy, VOLCA designed to stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax with the ergonomically shape design when user apply on the skin.

Volca products also integrated with the FIR & negative ions technology when producing to maximize the effectiveness of combing and scraping.

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